“If children have interest, education happens.” - Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Childhood is about exploration and discovery. In order to fully develop all areas of their minds, young children need the time and opportunity to run around and explore the world around them. Each child responds differently to different surroundings; for instance, some may enjoy perceptual experiences, such as drawing or making music, while others may prefer physical activities, such as soccer or dance.

In the fast-paced modern world, children often struggle to find either the time or the opportunity to search for something in which they are truly interested. In Asian and Asian-American cultures, the prevalent overemphasis on academic excellence can leave children with even less time for exploration and discovery.

Our vision at Camp Hokulea is to ignite positive responses that children will remember for a lifetime. Through active and interactive programs, we hope to help children identify their strengths and interests so that they may pursue these activities beyond the short time they are with us.

This camp is

Children (7 to 12) who would like to:

• Explore the ocean and the Hawaiian Islands
• Try new things and discover new potentials
• Make friends with peers from around the world

Parents who would like to:

• Raise healthy and bright children
• Enjoy a stress-free vacation with the little ones
• Explore new interests because it is never too late!

Why Camp

Camp Hokulea is the only full-immersion boarding camp on the island of Oahu.

A stunning view of the historic Pali Lookout will provide an inspiring backdrop as our campers learn and practice Hawaiian culture.

Our innovative program is thoughtfully designed to cultivate appreciation for health, imagination, and teamwork.

Team projects will provide children with an opportunity to work together in small groups under the guidance of a teacher.

Professionals from the Oceanic Institute will share their expertise and oceanfront facility with our campers.

Licensed soccer coaches, golf pros, and experienced surfers will provide quality instruction appropriate for each skill level.


Our Mission

Mission: Camp Hokulea provides a whole-child educational experience through active and interactive programs and culturally responsive teaching that foster courage and discovery. Core Values: health, imagination, teamwork.

Why Health?

Our active and interactive programs will keep children moving and engaged. Every camper will be out on the grass fields in the afternoon playing sports. Twice a week, children will be on the beach surfing, snorkeling or just chilling with new friends.

Why Imagination?

Imagination paves the way for creativity and diversity. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Hawaii is a magical place where time slows down and the mind roams free.

Why Teamwork?

Every camper will be a member of three teams — a sports team, a project team, and a tribe. Teams will work to achieve a collective goal. Each child will learn that wonderful things can be achieved through collaboration!