Summer in Hawaii

Ages 7-12

Our Mission

Camp Hokulea provides a whole-child educational experience through active and interactive programs and culturally responsive teaching that foster courage and discovery.

Have an


Hokulea means “the star of gladness” and is the zenith star directly above Hawaii that guided ancient voyagers to the island. This is the summer for you to be a voyager! Come and discover your true potential alongside peers from around the world.

Explore and
Discover On
the Move


Our program consists of activities in the morning, team projects and sports in the afternoon, and water sports and tours around Oahu on the weekends. Whether you are a boarder or a day student, you will have an unforgettable experience!

Need a
Helping Hand?


At Camp Hokulea, we know all too well that parents need a helping hand. We will invite guest speakers and experts to offer a series of seminars and lectures to make sense of the chaos that is raising kids.

Wake Up in


Enjoy the 135 acres with your new friends. Located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, our campus is truly unique and awe-inspiring.

Children First


Learn from the most dedicated and qualified teachers, coaches, counselors and directors, who will put you first and share with you their Aloha Spirit.